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'Eco' stands for ecology, the full scale of life within our environment. It represents everything that is living; not just the human race. After decades of human-centered growth, it's time we humble ourselves to see the bigger picture – that we are just a subset of a diverse, colorful and dynamic superset of life.
'Samsara' (Sanskrit) is a concept from Indian philosophy that symbolizes the repeating cycles of births, deaths and rebirths - the cycle of life. It represents the continuity of life, from one form to another.
EcoSamsara, thus, represents an all-inclusive and ever-flowing life style. A life style where Soul meets the Nature and then start the Life.


Our vision is to create a better world – A world that lives and grows together to well-being.


Our mission is to inform, educate and encourage people towards the healthier and natural life style that we endorse, and provide the academic as well as practical support for the same.


We are Eco Samsara Ltd. which is a registered business in the State of Ohio and Washington.


The founder of this venture, Ani Nayar , was born and brought up in India – The land where Ayurveda & Yoga originated. Ani Nayar was brought up through the traditional living style of Kerala, a state in India, by her grandparents. A living style that aligns itself very close to the nature, in terms of food habits, attires, physical activities, art, medicine etc. She was actively involved in yoga, the ancient Indian meditation technique. Once she moved to USA, she noticed an exploding popularity of yoga. As a certified yoga practitioner, Ani Nayar appreciated the importance of yoga as a journey towards fulfillment and a way of creating balance within all aspects of life. Ani Nayar knew this, but found a dearth of products that matched her tradition and style. It is this void that inspired her to launch her own line of yoga products that gave birth to the idea of Eco Samsara.


We are in the business of spreading life in all its beauty and essence.

In the modern world, the word 'life' has lost its meaning and has been minimized to indicate the mere existence of a living organism. But it actually embodies wider and deeper ideologies like that of nature, culture, well-being and sustainable eco-system. We have based our principles on the ancient and traditional Indian concepts like Ayurveda and Yoga, concepts that formulate refined and pure living styles for every living organism, and not just humans.

We present ourselves as a single platform where the ideas and applications of those concepts are shared.



The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means "to join" or "to yoke". Yoga means "union of mind, body, breath and spirit. The system and various techniques of yoga cultivate the experience of that union. The practice of yoga is the means or a collection of scientific {time tested} ancient techniques which when practiced over time leads to a greater sense of peace and well- being. The yoga techniques such as asana (yoga pose), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), etc.are employed in order to develop sensitivity, mental focus, and awareness of one's mind, body and spirit.


As preachers of a quality living style, we practice 100% quality assurance in every product or service we provide. Systematic and dedicated efforts have been put in to ensure that you receive them in the best possible manner.

We adhere to the following quality standards, and have mandatorily instructed our business partners to the same.

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System GOTS- Global Organic Textile Standards.


EcoSamsara goes beyond the legal statutes to ensure that our business is done in the most ethical and eco-friendly manner.

All our vendors hold their employees in the highest regard, and we have ensured that they provide better working conditions, wages and gender equality, than the current industrial standards. They are also forbidden to use child labor of any kind in their operations.

We also provide zero tolerance to eco-hazardous business practices and constantly ensure that our vendors also stick to that policy.

The following industry standards are strictly adhered to, by all our partners:

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health & Safety Management System 


At Eco Samsara, we aspire to serve the highest good which go beyond the products. Our goal is to help others capture the inner sense of life, through healthy living styles. We believe in a pure, clean karma that flows through the earth into those that channel its energy. Ultimately this is the same sense of good we want you to experience with our products. Eco Samsara values the connection between yoga and the environment. Being eco-friendly is a responsible business practice for our company. Providing natural yoga accessories keeps us all in tune with the ancient principles of yoga. We know that our pricing must always be competitive to win your business. That is why we offer factory direct prices and outstanding customer service. Give us a try today and experience the difference of a true yoga company.


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