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Traditional Cotton Yoga Rug

Simple and functional, our traditional cotton rugs are extra-long , retains shape easily and absorbs moisture. You can use these rugs over top of another non slip mat or as a standalone practice on surface . Both lightweight and washable, you will appreciate the soft, graspable surface. It is very portable, thin and light weight and can be rolled into a compact bundle like a towel. It has great traction and easy to wash and clean. It has better traction when its slightly damp or as you sweat.. You can mist/spray the mat surface with water for better traction and initial slipping. On hardwood floors or any slippery surface we recommend you place a thin travel sticky mat underneath to prevent the rug from sliding on the floor. Very eco friendly and sustainable. Tightly woven. Fresh and clean feel of soft cotton. These are the first mats ever use for yoga practice in India.See below for more specific details of the product....

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